Top tips for warming up the voice

I am often asked how its possible to warm my voice up before a performance when here is a full house waiting to be entertained. It is true that if you belt at full throttle as most singers believe they have to, you will be overheard by the audience and that’s not professional. However, its important to prepare your voice for the performance ahead and 5 – 10 min spent warming up can make a real difference and help to look after your vocal chords and larynx.

Warming up can actually be done quietly:

  • Make a quiet siren sound and slide up and down the scale (this need be no louder than a hum)
  • Massage the jaw line for a few minutes to loosen the muscles (this helps to release tension and promote a warmer sound when you sing)
  • Warm up the lips and mouth by blowing imaginary bubbles with the lips, again make a humming sound at the same time
  • Imagine you are chewing the largest, stickiest toffee and imitate this action with your mouth

Taking the stress away from the voice is the main objective. By also warming up the jaw and mouth you are less likely to have tension when you sing.